Radiohead Remixes


Jakarta, Surabaya

Some pics.. none edited yet... haphazardly selected and uploaded. corn.


Kempinski in Jakarta


Chennai Traffic

A few videos of some Indian traffic.. this is very mild but still interesting.

Southern India

At requests from a few friends and family members (Grandma), AHorseNamedJoe is back again... it's getting wilder and wilder.

Since we last spoke... I finished up in Thailand, got a real job in the states, just got a place in DC with SEVEN other people, which will undoubtedly get crazy. I also have another website, http://www.neonamerican.com/, reviewing music and venues in the DC area, which is resulting in some really great fun when I am home.

Recent trips, one to Nicaragua for some surfing, volcanos and coffee. I got to release baby sea turtles into the ocean at night, experienced some seedy yet amazing nightlife, and learned to pop off that board and ride the wave.

Current Adventure: Layovers in Frankfurt, Germany for some Christmas markets, three weeks in Chennai, India and hopefully a four day stint in Kerala, which will be the crown jewel if we pull it off. I packed for the smoking hot south Indian weather only to step off the plane in Germany and realise I forgot about the SNOWMAGÜDEN going on in Europe right now. Now I am in Chennai, purchasing gifts and devouring Pani Pouri with some Masala Chai on the side.

Below are some videos and pictures, enjoy...



Snapshots from India and Nepal


Photos coming soon

A Horse Named Joe is back on American soil and I will begin posting tons of photos from India and Nepal in the next few days... in the meantime I recommend hopping over to The Music Forum for all the latest tunes and the most interesting music videos out there.


Monkeys Eating Bananas

Listen.... I am not going to sugar coat this one, these are just a couple of monkeys eating some bananas, doing their thing. Feed it.


The High Himalaya


Backpacking India

I have backpacked to Calcutta, Delhi, Jaipur, Bundi and I leave in one hour for Agra. After that I will go to Varanassi, Kathmandu, Pohkara, and then a trek through the mountains of Nepal.

I have not gotten food poisoning.

I drink a lot of Masala Tea with milk.

I hope to eventually find internet that can upload pictures.



Farewell Bangkok

We laughed, we cried.... today is my last day in Bangkok for a while. Tomorrow morning at 9 AM I will board a flight Calcutta and will be in India and Nepal for the next 50 days. I will continue to blog but it will be hasty and the photos will be unedited (should be entertaining nonetheless). Anyway, I am feeling a little nostalgic about leaving behind the city I've grown to love and the kids that taught me to love it. Here are a couple pics and the map of my next journey.


Yeasayer - O.N.E.

Yeasayer's newest video is a trip...


Man and Wife, Man and Monk

Woke up at 5 am, drove four hours to Aor's parents neighborhood, had lunch, went to a temple/market, got coffee, went back to drink whiskey with the counsel of elders, took a nap/shower, wedding, had dinner, performed a rap song in front of 70 tables, sang karaoke and drank until about 3, woke up at five on the tile floor in poor shape, went to Mack's ordination as a monk, danced through the streets all the way to the temple while taking shots of whiskey against our will, watched Mack get ordained, went to the newest temple in Thailand, then to lunch on the dam, then to Palio for ice cream, and finally to a winery for... yes, more ice cream.... all in 36 hours.