Weekend in Moab, Utah

Just to whet our palettes we decided to take a two day trip to Moab, Utah, home of Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. True desert conditions, when entering the highway to Canyonlands it says "No water next 26 miles", so you have to pack in all your water. Nonetheless incredible, beautiful rock formations, epic canyons, and in the distance you can see the snow-capped La Sal mountains for contrast.

Winter in the Rockies

So I graduate college with a degree in Business and I have had just about enough of it. The thought of spending my days in a cubicle applying what I have learned is just too much to bear. I decide to move to Colorado with a friend where I volunteer for Obama's campaign and then spend the winter skiing. Here are some of the more interesting photos.

Top 5 Experiences at a Ski Resort

5. A New Years for the books. Leaving after the ball, stragglers all over the valley, no buses coming to save us from freezing to death. Then we pull it together at 10 AM for a day of Skiing.

4. The South African Hot Tub Skinny Dip. You'll need some South Africans, booze, a fancy hotel with an outdoor hot tub. This will land you at Denny's at 4 AM. One of them may pass out nude in the lap lane storage chest. (No Picture, obviously)

3. Take a lesson in the Terrain Park, learning how to jump, grind and spin.

2. Hike an hour up the Bald Spot in the back country of Beaver Creek, CO and ski down untouched powder that hits you in the Chest when you turn. Breathtaking.

1. Saint Paddy's Day at Blue Sky Basin in Vail, CO; I lost a backpack, a bottle of Kahlua, a pair of vans, a pair of goggles, barely made it down the mountain, and it was completely worth it.