Chennai Traffic

A few videos of some Indian traffic.. this is very mild but still interesting.

Southern India

At requests from a few friends and family members (Grandma), AHorseNamedJoe is back again... it's getting wilder and wilder.

Since we last spoke... I finished up in Thailand, got a real job in the states, just got a place in DC with SEVEN other people, which will undoubtedly get crazy. I also have another website, http://www.neonamerican.com/, reviewing music and venues in the DC area, which is resulting in some really great fun when I am home.

Recent trips, one to Nicaragua for some surfing, volcanos and coffee. I got to release baby sea turtles into the ocean at night, experienced some seedy yet amazing nightlife, and learned to pop off that board and ride the wave.

Current Adventure: Layovers in Frankfurt, Germany for some Christmas markets, three weeks in Chennai, India and hopefully a four day stint in Kerala, which will be the crown jewel if we pull it off. I packed for the smoking hot south Indian weather only to step off the plane in Germany and realise I forgot about the SNOWMAGÜDEN going on in Europe right now. Now I am in Chennai, purchasing gifts and devouring Pani Pouri with some Masala Chai on the side.

Below are some videos and pictures, enjoy...