Underground Bangkok

Bangkok nightlife doesn't mess around. People from all over the world come here to prowl the streets in search of the craziest party, the best music, or some other less wholesome entertainment. Needless to say clubs and DJs here know how to throw a party. Last night we went to a warehouse party on the Chao Praya river sponsored by Smirnoff. There was a giant structure made of scaffolding and white paper, DJs and dancers in costumes protruding from every level. Party goers were given 3D glasses for the light show that was going on during the party, and your bucket (of vodka, red bull and sprite) was sold by the gaudiest lady boy money can buy. Spontaneous dance competitions would develop, only to be won moments later by a man dressed as the grim reaper on stilts that somehow did not impede his dance moves (which can only be described as "dirty"). A friend back home requested that I share some of this eastern intensity with the west, so here it is. The Bangkok DJs broadcast their music on Underground Bangkok. Enjoy!

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