College Day

College Day is a two day competition between the students of Saint Gabriel's. There are seven teams, comprised of students from every level, and each team has a color and a theme of their choice. On day one, the older students spend the day competing in track and field events and chanting at the top of their lungs. The leader of each team has to organize the chants and keep up the intensity, and in turn can seem almost possessed as he hops around failing his arms and yelling war cries. A great example of this is in the first picture, where you can see a clown leading an army of what appears to be inmates. Later that day I saw the clown holding a fake bazooka. The Red Wall team could have been mistaken for a small communist revolution in the corner of the field and staying true to the peculiarities of Asian culture, the blue team's theme appeared to be "The United States".

Day two changes the tone a bit, as the youngsters come out to flex their track and field muscles. The crown jewel of day two, which humors you constantly, is the hurdles. In one particular race I saw four of five runners trip over the first hurdle, and then two of those runners preceded to trip over hurdle number two as well. There is an amusing game of "catch up", I'll call it, where the kids run in a circle trying to catch there opponent and strike him with a fake tomahawk.

The costumes are elaborate, the displays monumental and the competition is fierce. Welcome to College Day (free whiskey after the show).

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