Kids Say The Darnest Things

During class I routinely patrol the room giving students advice and checking their work. When I get to students who enjoy practicing their English I give them a few extra minutes and ask them how their day is going and talk about their weekend, etc. One of my favorite students is a boy named Firm, he is nine years old, speaks decent English, and likes to draw pictures of guns. Earlier in the year he had a bully, "Teacha, a boy, he pushed me on the ground today." I asked him if I should talk to the student, but he knew that would only make it worse, so I told him to stand up to him next time. I think the bully (or least a student who is larger than the bully) is now his best friend.

So Firm and I, we go back. Anyway I walked up to Firm and I said, "Firm, how are you today?" He pulled me closer so he could whisper and said, "Teacha, I am fucking awesome."

I just don't know where he learned that.

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