Barcelona's Graphitti Scene

While living abroad in Barcelona, I found myself immersed in art. In class there was discussion of Salvador Dali's eccentricities, Picasso's transitions from one period to the next, and Miro's genius in simplicity. During free time, one cannot help but walk past the magnificent buildings designed by Antoni Gaudi, prompting more conversation. When discussion briefly lulled I often found myself in a museum examining the paintings in person, or walking through the natural, stimulating rooms of so many architectural masterpieces. Extracurricular activities included walking through Park Guell or Palacio Nacional, or down Las Ramblas where you will be surrounded on all sides by street artists, perpetually making something out of nothing. On a visit to the medieval alleys of El Born you will see graphic designers in expensive boutiques who constantly push creative thought to new places. From there it spreads itself slowly over the city, into every crevasse, until the whole city breaths creativity. This is where you find the best graphitti.

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